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SQBS stands for Station Square Broadcasting system. It was founded 7-6-11 by Jonik, Artixunio, Ageha, and Malita. So far it's the second most watched station in the Station Square area. It's main office is located in the middle of Station Square. They have many TV shows.

Cities that broadcast this channelEdit

List your city if it broadcasts SQBS

TV showsEdit

  • Wheel of Torture! - A parody of wheel of fortune which the wheel has various means of torture for each contestant but the money prize comes in great quantites.
  • Get a Job....or else you will DIE! - An unsuspecting person without a job will be offered a job. A reality show.
  • Cooking with chef Legab - A cooking show showcasing many exotic and delecious foods being cooked.
  • Crime life - A show showing police men arresting criminals.
  • Whose that Mobian! - This is a show showing the silloutes of famous mobians forcing people to guess who they are. This show only lasts for 15 minutes.
  • Rick and Roll- A show that rick rolls famous mobians around the world!
  • Prankster!- This show is a parody of Punk'd and Prankstar. This show pranks famous mobians around the world. This is featured back to back with Rick and roll.
  • Life in the wild - This is about mobians approaching non-mobian animals that are usually friendly then getting mauled by them.
  • YOUR FIRED - An informer informing your fired in front of 50 million people and after the informer informs you we stalk you for 48 hours to see how you react.
  • Matchmaker - We match you with people on air to see who your compatible with.
  • SQBS News a eleven - News at eleven 0 clock in the morning and afternoon.
  • Ooops...were sorry - A show about people apoligizing for breaking your favorite stuff

More shows soon...

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